Saturday, May 26

Ottawa Marathon (tomorrow)

Just got back from a short jog where I went through my typical pre-race marathon routine. I wasn't going to go out running today but after sitting on the bed for 30' I thought otherwise. My legs felt rested and smooth and my stomach settled. Speaking of which, I had a half cup of the most fantastically enjoyable coffee this morning in Byward Market. Ally and I sat in the shade outside, she enjoying her bubble tea (something I've never heard of) while we both people watched. It was great.

Ally is a bit nervous about her run today, but this hasn't stopped her from going shopping while I enjoy a lazy afternoon here. The weather is a very comfortable 23C today and they're still forecasting 19C for a high tomorrow with a 40% chance of rain in the morning (looking good).

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend, long or otherwise!

Training: 10:05 with 4x strides