Sunday, May 20

Running to the Limit (disappointing)

This afternoon, either before or after my nap (I can’t seem to recall) I finished reading Paul Tergat: Running to the Limit by Jurg Wirz. Apart from the training program that he apparently followed prior to London, I was disappointed in the book, not in Paul’s story, but in the writing. With a name like Jurg Wirz I don’t think I’m going too far out on a limb guessing that english isn’t his native language. If so, you’d think the editor/publisher might have paid closer attention. Don’t get me wrong, the book is full of glossy pictures and does paint a picture of Tergat’s life, but it’s the same picture you might find hanging on the wall of a primary school classroom.

With Ally off to watch a local race, I grabbed my keys and drove out to the lakes to enjoy my last long run prior to Ottawa. It was a perfect spring morning, overcast with a heavy fog/light rain, perfect for running in the trails. As much as I enjoyed the experience, up and over Bear Hill, and twisting through the back paths of Beaver Lake, my legs felt heavy and lethargic; my right hamstring was particularly tight. I managed to set aside some time to stretch and with a massage scheduled for Tuesday I suspect they’ll come around.

When I arrived home, Ally filled me in on the local half marathon she’d gone off to watch. Apparently, I missed a great race. With the lead changing several times during the course of the race our good friend, Jim Finlayson, struggled back from a 25” deficit to win in a time of
1:06:45, setting a new course record. Congratulations Jimmy, lets hope you get that cheque signed.

Training: 1:11:21, AHR 132, MAX 157