Sunday, February 4

Better luck next time suckers

Ally and I spent the early part of the morning trying to find and then decide on a quote for our wedding invitations. While out running I thought of my own, I’m titling it “A We(s)t Coast” and it goes like this:

May the air always be colder then you think and the ground beneath your feet more sodden

0h04’ – it’s going to be a long one

0h14’ – jump on the Galloping Goose and head towards the Switch Bridge

0h34’ – GU #1, damn water fountain is off, where is Ian MacMillan when I need him?

0h37’ – leave the Galloping Goose behind and start out on the Lochside trail

0h49’ – I’m thoroughly soaked now and a long way from home

0h55’ – run near Carter’s new house. The bugger said he wasn’t feeling well this morning and thought he’d be better off not coming out, he’ll pay one way or another, he’ll pay…

1h01’ – Mount Doug; I love these trails, I really need to get out here more often.

1h12’ – GU #2, I’m chilled

1h18’ – I’m at the highest point in my run, I can see my breath and my hands have lost all feeling. It’s noticeably colder and for a while, I contemplate stopping by Ally’s Grandfathers house to warm up.

1h25’ – stop for 30” at the UVic Law Library, ring out hat, try to ring out gloves but my fingers lack the mobility and strength

1h41’ – run by Oak Bay track, at least the rain has melted the ice. It stops raining.

1h42’ – I’m determined, warmth has returned to me fingers. I turn right onto Oak Bay Avenue; I see Tower Bridge again. I head into the City of London and continue along the Embankment and past Cleopatra’s Needle.

1h56’ – The sight of Parliament Square and Big Ben are a good indication that the finish is near. I reach Spur Road at 26 miles and hit London’s great ceremonial avenue, The Mall.

2h04’ – I sprint across the finish line, punching the air. I look behind to see Gebrselassie and Tergat battle for second, Tergat wins. I congratulate them both; to myself, “better luck next time suckers”.

2h05 – my hands are cold again

Training: a wet but surprisingly enjoyable 2h04’42”, AHR 137, MAX 176, 6:51 mi/pace


Lawrence said...

That's a nice long run......good pace. I hear you re: the wet weather!

Mike said...

Glad to see you back to the long run, even with the crummy weather.

Thomas said...

Ah, the cold and the rain. It's a wonderful combination, isn't it?

Michael said...

Mike – yeah, I’m happy to return to the long runs and I pleasantly surprised at how it felt. I’m going to be doing a more "long runs" when compared to my CIM training, only 5 over 2 hours then (2h01, 2h22, 2h45, 2h31 and 2h05).

Thomas – yeah, the rains:( Although cool and wet it could be a lot worse, at least there is no more snow on the ground. Spring will be here soon, I’m looking out for it.

Marc said...

There's only one thing worse than being cold, and that is being wet and cold.

Nice run, and congrats on the London win! Last year I won the Olympic Marathon three times , and Boston twice.

Anonymous said...