Monday, February 12

London Week #2 (70 days and counting)

Whether my body trying to absorb the resent training or a touch of a cold, the previous week wasn’t without its hiccoughs. Wednesday left me licking my wounds and beaten, dreading the remaining five workouts. But, like Sue Luke said, “Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you are moving forward”.

Wednesday came and went, Friday was solid and Sunday even better. Total time on the feet was 9h33’, approx. 135km (85 miles).

Monday: day off
Tuesday: A.M. easy 47:02, felt good, P.M. easy 49:48
Wednesday: A.M. a comfortable 41:26, P.M. 1:35:34 with the 25’ of tempo, felt shattered
Thursday: easy 1:03:28
Friday: a steady and relaxed 1:57:05, 6:39 mi/pace, felt fantastic!
Saturday: a slow 29:45
Sunday: A.M. 1:34:30, with 42:32 at the Cedar, AHR 162, MAX 166. P.M. easy 34:03

The high note this week was definitely the feeling captured during the race yesterday, the feeling of racing. Being able to push yourself and having the body respond, knowing that it hurts to a point, and then it stops. I’m looking forward to my next race.

(the picture was taken during the last 500m of yesterday's race)


Thomas said...

Good photo. Nice knee lift for so late in the race, and you just look ... dynamic.

Mark said...

not a bad week, I like the report.

Must say though your long run effects were probably still in the legs when you kicked out that race on Sunday. Good effort on breaking your previous 10K time.

I read somewhere someone once said a marathoner can't get enough of the 10K races.

Michael said...

I'd tend to agree with you Mark, on both accounts (I'd love to do another 10-k soon, and I'm sure the long run fatigue was lingering). Unfortunately, the next cluster of 10-k runs are all in April. As things stand now, I think the next race will be a half in mid-March.

Anonymous said...