Monday, February 26

London Week #4 (56 days and counting)

The last seven days comprised my first “easy” week in my current marathon-training schedule, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. After coming off a relatively big week, the first few days were more reminiscent to the end of a taper, my legs were great… but then reality set in alongside a lack of sleep, which didn’t assist with the rest and recovery.

This next week will be a test of my endurance and fortitude with a heavy volume week scheduled (100% max) coupled with another long run (100% max). In preparation, I’ve stocked up on Epsom salts and aromatic foambath (hops and bergamot extract – for a restful & calming feeling).

I managed to stretch and perform my achilles exercises 3 or 4 days which is an improvement on last week. Total time on the feet was 7h01’, approx. 100km (63 miles).

Monday: day off
Tuesday: a steady 40:53
Wednesday: 49:04, AHR 138
Thursday: a smooth 59:43, AHR 137
Friday: 1:29:04, with 8x (4’ H, 2’ E)

Saturday: easy 30:20 (tight calves)
Sunday: a hard fought 2:32:31, approx. 35.2 km (6:57 pace/mi)

Ally planted a bulb a few weeks back and it has since blossomed into a flower, the likes of which I’ve never seen before, it’s mammoth. What’s more amazing, is given the recent inclement weather I’m surprised the growth hasn’t been stunted.