Saturday, February 10

Mount Doug

It has been sunny, on day forecast to be wet and cold. While downtown completing errands with Ally, everyone looked to be in a good mood, buoyed by the suns warmth… everyone but me. I felt weary, incompatible, too many times caught starring off into the distance completely unfocused.

After just skirting the park yesterday, I thought I’d reward my legs and take advantage of the softer trails in Mount Doug. I used to spend a lot of time there, at least twice a week, and hoped the giant trees, wet earthen paths and serenity would breathe life back into a tired body.

Although I enjoyed the myself, capturing a feeling similar to that of pacing the hallway of long forgotten childhood school, the reality of yesterday afternoons 2-hour jaunt wasn’t going to be swayed by the chirping of a Wood Thrush.

Participating in tomorrow’s 12-km road race is going to be interesting.

Training: a sluggish 29:45