Wednesday, February 7

The Fast Path

There is something entirely wrong about running by your work at 5:57 a.m., only to know you’ll be back there in 90’ with a suit and tie on. The jaunt this morning was okay, the legs took a little longer to wake up then the rest of the body, but the last 20’ felt smooth (comparatively).

If you haven’t already, check out
these guys. Most of you will know that we’re tracing Three Roads to London, but these two seem to be on the fast path… buggers!

Training: a comfortable 41:26 around James Bay & along the waterfront

Mother {beep}, {beep}, {beep}, God {beep}, {beep}, {beep}, {beep}, {beep}, son of a {beep}, that was hard.

This evening was all about one foot in front of the other, putting in the miles of trials. It has been a few months but once again, “I felt like 10 lbs of shit, in a 5 lb. bag”. The fact that once home from work and changed into my running gear, I proceeded to head out the door with my black work socks on speaks volumes.

The plan was for 25’ of structured tempo at a subjective “hard”. As it was hard to head out and even harder finding my way home, I’m sure the pacing/effort was fine. The legs were cramping (twinges) a bit this evening; perhaps my electrolytes are down again? Stomach was a bit off but that probably has more to do with lunch.

Once home I felt like Frodo after he’d been stabbed with the Morgul-blade, thin and lifeless, speaking took too much energy. I’m very thankful for the amount of patience and understanding Ally showed me.

My motivation for tomorrow:
Running is real and relatively simple - but it ain't easy.

Training: 1:35:34 with 24:48 of structured tempo, AHR 131 (71%), MAX 169 (91%)


Ginger Breadman said...

I love your blog - it made me laugh. Your mention in your previous post - "What’s in store for me this week?" made me realize what a privilege it is to be able to run.

greg said...

found your blog a bit ago... great job and best of success in london i run very similar times as you, but run in the frozen province of mb so no more complaining about the weather... j/k. this past week has been insane. i've run in -30 several times... run from nothing, but run.

Michael said...

Thanks for checking in guys.

GB - yeah, it is a privilege to run. It’s easy to forget that when you’re training, particularly when things aren’t going according to plan. Here’s to, “not taking running for granted”.

G – Thanks for the wishes. I’ll be sure to put my comments about the weather in perspective. Good luck with the training in MB.

P.s. I’ve been wanting to go there for a few years now, I have some family friends I met as a small child, that I haven’t seen for years… maybe one day soon. Any fun/interesting runs you know of?

Anonymous said...