Wednesday, February 28

Climate Change Sucks!

I hate running in the morning. Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, more accurately then, my stomach hates running on weekday mornings; I’ve yet to figure that one out.

Ally was off ridiculously early this morning, which made getting up at 6:00 that much easier. My feet were sore, so I made my way for the waterfront and ran what I could on the grass. It was bloody brisk along Dallas, -1C, with that damn wind again.

I headed west through the dog park and then looped back up through Beacon Hill Park a couple times. After about 30’ my legs started to wake up and the stiffness faded. On the way home I pulled off onto a side street to stretch the legs out, wow, why hadn’t I done this earlier, they felt smooth.


This evening… I don’t even know where to begin. Thinking back, there were times when I’d dread a workout like this, today, I was curious. I checked the weather before heading out, it was reportedly +5C, I thought I dressed accordingly.

I leisurely warmed up for 20’ making my way to BHP. I didn’t want to run 10x mile, but thought I’d periodically return to the park, ensuring I was on pace. I hit start and set out at a comfortable tempo hitting the mile loop after about 5’, 5:45 (158, 162). I returned 10’ later and clocked 2 miles at 5:50 (157, 162) & 5:56 (156, 162). Leaving the park again, I headed west into James Bay for 20’, returning for a closing 2 miles, 5:55 (156, 162) & 5:45 (159, 161).

The kicker though, during the last 15’ of my run, and almost exactly as I started the last mile… it started to snow (MASSIVE flakes)! I returned home to find Ally had prepared dinner with a mixed bottle of Gatorade on the table, I owe her huge this evening. It took me a good two hours to warm up; I was so cold I even wore my toque in the tub when I had my epsom salt bath!

A.M. a meandering 50:57 with 4x strides
P.M. a wintry 1:28:05 with 60’ at 5:45-5:55 pace, AHR 147, MAX 187. Don’t know where that MHR came from (101% of max). It’s probably inaccurate, but if not most likely during the last 5’ when out of nowhere a little rat dog tried to bite me, if I had half an ounce of energy…