Monday, February 19

London Week #3 (63 days and counting)

After feeling tired and rundown for most of last week, my energy level increased during the last seven days. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t have an overabundance and after three solid weeks of training (72, 85 & 81 miles), I’m definitely looking forward to this recovery week.

Throughout the next week, I’m also looking forward to resuming my stretching routine. I’d been diligent while my achilles was bothering me but have since stopped; my achilles was sore again this morning. Total time on the feet this week was 9h04’, approx. 130km (81 miles).

Monday: day off
Tuesday: A.M. a moderate 45:34, P.M. easy 1:00:24
Wednesday: A.M. easy 39:59, P.M. 1:18:39 with 20x (1’ hard, 1’ easy),
Thursday: 46:40
Friday: A.M. 31:01, P.M. 1:08:20 with 3x (10’ H, 5’ E)

Saturday: 43:33
Sunday: 2:09:44, approx. 6:50 mi/pace, 30km (19 miles)

Four weeks ago, I discussed virtually running across the country (I thought it might give more meaning to the otherwise uninteresting task of tracking my weekly mileage). At that
point I’d run 297km and was soon to be arriving in Princeton. Since then I’ve traced an additional 467k that has taken me along Hwy 3, through Rock Creek, passed Grand Forks and Castlegar and just north of Ripple Mountain (not too far out of Creston).

With some solid weeks of training on the horizon, I fully expect to make it up, over Crowsnest Pass, and into Alberta when next I report.


Chris said...

Where will your peak volume reach?
With two months to go are there changes before yoru taper?

Michael said...

I don’t imagine I'll run much more then 90 miles. Given the return of the cold weather and rain, I think it'll be more then enough. Some lengthy golden warmth and bright sunshine sure wouldn’t go amiss.

“Two months to go, are there changes before your taper”? I’m not entirely sure what your question is? I’m not going to try and hold high(er) mileage for 6 weeks. I’m a big believer of cycling your training, i.e., easy days and easy weeks, probably drop the training by 20%.

Thanks for the offer to join you guy, this evening, I’d normally love that. But, as today is an “easy” day, sandwiched in an easy week, I’ll have to be content with a relaxed 45’ after work.

You still working toward Vancouver?

Chris said...

You are missing Crown Royal then...

Vancouver yes however, I just spied the return of

I think that's the URL....looks fast. :o)

Chris said...

What I meant by changes was anything quite different than what you have been doing like any crazy unique workouts or a 30 miler long run or a super high mileage macro cycle or something, but you answered that anyway.

Anonymous said...