Sunday, February 4

Where is My Sunshine…

I went to bed last night feeling tired and rundown; I woke up this morning feeling not that much better, but at least having slept 9 hours (thanks Ally).

After a week or two of sunshine, the rains have returned and my mood has decided to matched the grayness. I’m not looking forward to heading out this morning, and it’s taking all my courage to get ready. I also just finished folding the laundry...

Earlier this morning Ally asked, “When are you going running?”

“When I’m ready”, I replied, “I feel like I’m on a death march”.

Training (for Saturday):
A.M. an easy 6.92 km, 29:09, AHR 134, MAX 148
P.M. How do you fit a 40' run into half an hour? You Don't. A slightly more directed 28:03