Sunday, February 11

Bon Race/Bad Movie (Cedar 12-k)

I was tired this morning, too tired. We decided to watch Bon Cop/Bad Cop last night, the first third okay but then it slid into something comparable to Bob & Doug McKenzie’s Strange Brew, minus the beer and humor… I should’ve gone to bed earlier.

There was no run around the block to stimulate the legs this morning, every ounce of energy instead focused on remaining awake. In an effort to relieve recent stomach predicaments, I also decided to forgo coffee for the first time in months (two changes to a pre-race routine, yikes).

Ally was kind enough to drive up, allowing me to feign sleep for a few more minutes. Once there it wasn’t long before the usual gang arrived and 45’ before the start we headed out for a casual warm-up. During my pre-race 4’ tempo session, I couldn’t have felt more uncomfortable, Friday’s run was going to be my downfall. That said, after missing the pack at Mill Bay I wanted to “race” Cedar, irrespective of legs, I was sticking with my plan.

The start was fine, the first few kilometers passing quickly and with relative comfort. Just after 4-k, I took a mental snapshot, shoulders were relaxed, chin down, my legs felt… smooth? Having never worn a HRM during a race before I decided to check my status, HR 163? I was confused, I expected to see it in the high 160s at least, was I not working hard enough? I ignored the data instead focusing on the moment; for the first time since April I felt like I was racing, not fast, but racing.

The pace felt comfortable, and when turning around at the half, (the low point) and heading back into the hills, I was surprised to see my level of comfort/discomfort remain the same. Finishing the race today left me feeling happy, happy that I split the 10-k in 35:30 (16’ faster then Mill Bay), happy that I felt in control and happy that I raced.

My only query is whether I raced hard enough? Obviously, I couldn’t have done faster otherwise I would’ve, but, do I need to learn how to hurt? The race today felt more akin to half-marathon pace not 10-k, I guess that bodes well for Comox in a month.

3:27 (159, 166)
3:26 (163, 165)
3:31 (163, 165)
3:38 (163, 166)
3:26 (160, 163)
3:36 (163, 164)
3:32 (162, 163)
3:32 (162, 164)
3:40 (161, 163)
3:42 (163, 164)
3:37 (163, 165)
3:25 (164, 165)

A.M. 1:34:30, with 42:32 at the Cedar 12-k (15th overall, 6th in my age group), AHR 162, MAX 166
P.M. and enjoyable 34:03 around Beacon Hill Park and every grassy boulevard in between (my feet were sore on the roads)


Christopher said...

Nice work yourself there Michael. You looked comfortable.

You wonder if you work hard enough, I wonder if I work too hard. I notice people look at me as I pass, as I am grunting, gasping and weazing...100% perhaps too much. But if you are improving, looking and feeling smooth, maybe that's better in the long run.

rumon said...


Ditto Christopher's comments (including those about him gagging and weezing...damn, the guy was scaring the children out there! ;-) ) Seriously, GREAT job out there today. Splitting faster than a 2 weeks old flat-out 10k, then running in another 2 to finish strong and in control. 10 weeks out and your London goal time is looking like a pot-shot. And hell, if your race photos are any indication, you MORE THAN know how to hurt....

Thomas said...

Great races sometimes have that easy feel. Don't complain.

oldLobo said...

I'm becoming of the opinion that you shouldn't be looking at data during a race. Race by effort and leave the splits and hr monitors for the training runs.

The best way to learn how to hurt is to do intervals.

Anonymous said...