Friday, February 2

Running Scared

I’ve had the luxury of enjoying an average of 9 ½ hours sleep, per day, for the last two days; apparently I needed it (my regular 6 missing the mark).

I woke up feeling rested, although somewhat anxious about the upcoming run. After a quiet morning, involving a leisurely read of the paper, vacuuming, sweeping and laundry, delaying the inevitable had run its course.

It was cool as I stepped outside, 2C, but the sun was shining and only a whisper of breeze. Not being able to make the Galloping Goose or Lochside trails, and fearing the insanity of running innumerable loops on a partially frozen track, I turned left down the street to visit an old friend, Beacon Hill Park.

I planned a progressive tempo run, starting at 6:02 mi/pace and finishing up at 5:48 mi/pace; that was the goal. With the 128-foot Kwakwaka’wakw totem pole looming overhead, I depressed start.

Lacking the constant feedback of the track, and with a notoriously quick first few steps I began conservatively, or so I thought, my legs turning over comfortably and my breathing steady.

The accountant in me was excited to see I’d split the first mile 10” fast. Unfortunately, having earned much experience (the hard way), I knew this sort of funny business at the start of a marathon can be catastrophic. I was ultimately disappointed. I eased back a tad for the second mile but picked up the Fear of God as I split 6:01. How is it possible to be disappointed with something I was aiming to do? I was becoming intimidated now. Instead of easing back further, I unknowingly hastened for fear of clocking a 6:03.

As the next two miles were intended to be at marathon pace (5:55), I can’t begin to express what rattled through my head when I cracked a 5:58. “I’m doomed”, I thought, “I should stop the training now”. With a 3” effort to make up I overcompensated, digging my hole deeper still.

5:52 (156, 162)
6:01 (158, 162)
5:56 (157, 162)
5:58 (157, 162)
5:46 (159, 163)
5:45 (161, 163)
5:34 (162, 165)

Although happier then having run too slow I’m disappointed with my self-discipline. Rather then run scared, next time, my goal is to run confident and controlled.

I had oats for breakfast; my stomach behaved itself; it is continuing to do so.

Training: 1h27’30”, with 7 miles of progressive tempo, AHR 145, MAX 165


rumon said...

Brilliant workout, Liam! Don't over-analyze - you're still getting used to the new pace and just at the beginning of the training cycle. Ultimately, as you yourself noted, the best news is that the pace itself (even if a little quick) wasn't difficult. On your way...

I'll have that speed of yours with me tomorrow when I try again to (re)build some VO2-max strength/fitness.

Eric said...

Yes, nice workout, if I do say so myself! Like you mentioned, this is spookily similar to the run I did yesterday. If I had a coach, I would wonder if our coaches were the same person.

I'm curious about your stomach problems. I looked around the older posts, but didn't really see any description of what the issues are. I've never worked with a nutritionist, although I'm sure it would be a good idea at some point.

Thanks for the comments. Good luck with the training.

Mark said...

very nice workout and good 4u in getting the needed sleep. Seems rumon is hitting the mark on not over-analyzing and getting anxious.

Mike said...

Hmmm, am I more jealous of the workout or the average hours of sleep over the past few days? Both sound pretty darn good. Nice work, sounds like bland food might be the ticket for awhile.

Anonymous said...