Tuesday, February 27

It's Only 26.2 Miles

With the daylight growing longer, I set out for this evenings run feeling fantastic. I know I’ve run throughout the day several times this month, but today seemed special. I’m not complaining, but it definitely wasn’t the temperature as it was only 5C on top of a cold north wind (I didn’t dress warmly enough). However, with the profusion of sunlight, colours jump out (and thankfully nothing else). Whatever the reason, I enjoyed it.

I’d stashed an empty handheld water bottle up near UVic on my recent long run and set out to retrieve it, via Mount Tolmie. The run up there cruised by effortlessly; it always amazes me when your feeling good during marathon training how 10’ block pass by in seconds.

With bottle in hand, I turned back, looping through the Uplands. My legs had felt fine up until this point, which I was pleased with. I imagined myself a weather-warn freight train, but one still with a lot of momentum. After about 55’ though my left hamstring cramped, nothing that caused me to stop, but I eased back for a 100m and reflected on the similar experience I’d received during the CIM. Perhaps I hadn’t replenished my electrolytes since Sunday’s jaunt? I’m considering this a blessing, and a useful reminder to rehydrate. Now if I can only remember what Jim recommended.

A few days back I came across an interesting Running Times
article written by Jonathan Beverly. Have you ever wondered how many miles you need to run in order to race a marathon (pace dependent)? Long runs; how far and what pace? How much speedwork? Jonathan draws from Mark Conover, Jack Daniels, Mark Winitz, and yes Galloway, as he attempts to collate a response.

Apparently I’m running too much.

Training: 1:14:07, AHR 136, MAX 158 (one down, eight to go)


Chris said...

Clearly Jonathon Beverly did not draw on Arthur Lydiard, who said you can really never run too much mileage.

Thomas said...

Apparently I should be running sub-2:30 marathons on my recent mileage. Yeah, right.

Mike said...

It's good to feel good. Sounds stupid but it's true. I take it as a sign that you're recovering from the workload, which I think makes progress possible.

Nice run. I'm guessing you're right about the cause of the cramp. I've never had those (knock on wood), but someone gave me an electrolyte supplement to try that is supposed to help with that (E-Lyte or something like that).

Love2Run said...

Yeah, right, if it was just mileage we'd all be running sub 3's. Lydiard is the man to look up to in my books too.

Anonymous said...