Thursday, February 15

Run Drenched

Do you ever feel all you ever do is run?

Don’t get me wrong, I like running, but, getting up before the 5:30 alarm goes off so that you can have some tea prior to heading out into the damp blackness for that early morning jaunt. Arriving home, hopping into the shower and changing quickly into work clothes. Work. Coming home, changing again into your running gear only to find they haven’t dried out; new running gear, and off back outside for that second run before the eerie blackness returns.

I’m starting to look like a runner, smell like a runner. No, not my clothes, but me (and yes I shower, at least twice a day now).

Where does everything else fit in?

It was Ally’s birthday yesterday (Happy Birthday); she helped me cook a new favourite dish of hers, Fisherman’s Pie.

A.M. an easy 39’59”, AHR 123, MAX 136 (very upset stomach during the last 5’). Where are these new lower HRs coming from, I feel like the last race has shifted my ticker into a new zone I’ve yet to experience before.
P.M. 1h18’39” with 20x (1’ hard, 1’ easy), legs felt great, thoroughly enjoyed being out there


Chris said...

Ally's Birthday on Valentine's Day, well Happy Birthtine Day to Ally then...

Lawrence said...

Your P.M. run looks like it was tremendous......I run 1/2 as much as you and it feels like I'm running all the time!


Thomas said...

Sleeping until after 5am?


We used to dream of sleeping until after 5am.

tremillar said...

you kidding me? AHR - 123?

Even when I'm fit, ia quick walk will get me to 140....

Mark said...

what's a fisherman's pie?

Michael said...

Fisherman’s Pie
Recipe Ingredients

75g Cheddar
4 tablespoons Milk
800g Potatoes
25g Butter

2 tablespoons Flour (plain)
Black Pepper
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1 tablespoon Lemon Juice
25g Butter
300ml Milk
1 tablespoon Parsley
(fresh, chopped finely)
2 Hard Boiled Eggs
1 tablespoon capers
250g Haddock Fillet
250g Salmon Fillet
250g Cod Fillet

oldLobo said...

I know what you mean. I absolutely love running, but this marathon schedule is starting to get to me and my family. They were all fired up for me to run Boston, but didn't realize the time consequences of training for it. I'm repacking my gym kit every night and working out twice a day at this point in my schedule. Nothing else fits in too well.

Anonymous said...