Wednesday, March 28

Absolutely gorgeous

I enjoyed an absolutely gorgeous morning, even if it was dark, cold and breezy (once back home I was happy to hear that Victoria was going to escape the showers that the rest of the Island would be receiving, nice).

Looped around the Graveyard Route and was surprised by the number of other runners I saw... at 6:00 a.m. I can only guess they’re training for this years TC World Championship 10k, either that or we're in the midst of another running boom? Off to work…

My damn stomach.

I sympathize with the fact that you probably don’t want to read about it, and I promise I don’t want to write about it, but if and when an activity/event affects my running it leaves me with little choice… it was better then yesterday though.

I was surprised at being able to convince JB to join me for another run after yesterday’s catastrophe. We met after work at BHP; the plan, 6x (3’ at 5k pace, 90” easy). The first couple of reps felt like crap, not horrible, but I couldn’t lose feeling clunky, I kept trying to shake out my shoulders and focus on relaxing but I think I was forcing things. I eased into the next four felt alright but I never felt comfortable, perhaps it was the pace… 5k, what’s that?

This evening while watching The Pursuit of Happiness, I stretched and did some hip flexor exercises (my left side is noticeably weaker).

A.M. an easy 31:28 with strides, legs felt relaxed
P.M. 1:05:27 with 6x (3’ at 5k pace, 90” easy)