Saturday, March 17

A Chat with Coach

Yesterday over a London Fog, I got together with Bruce to discuss strategy for the upcoming weekend and overall plans for the remaining 5 weeks; the marathon now seems that much nearer.

The half-marathon in Comox will be my first race in over a month and the only remaining test before race day. The plan is to take advantage of this weeks rest and see what I can do. I’ve run there twice previously, once in 2003 (1:21:25) and then last year while preparing for Ottawa (1:19:58); neither races particularly enjoyable. I had a chat with Jim today and he reminded me of what it takes to run fast. He reminded me of my first breakthrough 10-k performance, the first time I went sub 36’. I’d split the half thinking I was gong excessively fast and on a collision course with disaster… it never happened. Perhaps Rolf Arands said it best, “There will come a point in the race, when you alone will need to decide. You will need to make a choice. Do you really want it?”

With almost 7 weeks of specific marathon preparation complete, I have a significant bulk of the build behind me. Bruce said that it’s now time to focus on recovery and quality vs. volume. I’ll be staying in closer contact with him over the remaining weeks, offering feedback to make any necessary adjustments. I think there is a time to be a workhorse, turning off your mind & putting in the miles; there is also a time to pay close attention to your body, particularly when you’re walking toward that edge.

Friday: an easy 42:46, 6:42 mi/pace
Saturday: my achilles was the best it has been in 2 month, legs felt very smooth, 28:45 with 4x strides


Mike said...

Good words from the coach. On a good day the choice will be easy. I'm hoping for a good day. Best of luck.

Lawrence said...

Good luck in Comox.

I've done that run a few times as a training run, and love the hot chili afterwards.......

Love2Run said...

I like the comments on taking care of the body and focusing on quality and recovery. It's a reminder to me to attend to those niggles and sore spots as well. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...