Tuesday, March 13

Maui or Comox?

Ally leaves tomorrow for a glorious 4-day sun filled trip to Maui, to meet up with a good friend of mine and his wife. I could be going, I should be going. But, no. I’ve elected to stay here and forego the pleasure of the suns warmth, the enjoyment of our favourite hike and Magnum P.I. Burgers at Lulu’s. Rather, with limited races available in the remaining six weeks, I’ve decided to run the Comox Half Marathon this weekend and make the most out of my training… don’t think for a second I didn’t check to see if there was a similar race available in Maui (it’s in September). What happened to my priorities? Tell me I'm making the right decision?

This mornings run was fine, even if I was heading out into the darkness… again. Achilles was “toight” but I think that had more to do with not being warmed up given it was 5:00 a.m., I mean 6:00 a.m.

A.M. an easy 33:54, pace: leisurely but consistent
P.M. thoroughly enjoyed listening to the
Offspring; ran into Cam and then later Jim while out for an easy 41:37


Chris said...

Rumon is on that surf board. Ha ha ha!!!
Comox is the right decision. What if you went to Maui and got a sun tan? WHAT IF you were in Maui this week and you ran up into the hills, bathed in the warm air, stopped part way through a 20 miler to pick fresh, ripe and sweet fruit off the branches? Think of the consequences!!! A tan, fresh fruit, away from work and ominous dark clouds....
Maui isn't all that it is cut out to be. There is the possiblity you may stub your toe on a chaise lounge and fall into the hot sand and spill your marguerita all over yourself.
You could come out tonight, we are doing 13 miles into the hills!

Chris said...

Sorry Rumon! Once I clicked on the photo to get a larger view, I saw clearly it is a girl and there is no surf board...I have a head cold, my bad!

Thomas said...

Ok, you're making the right decision. You'd have far too much fun in Maui, and would completely neglect your training.

You're bonkers!

Eric said...

You're completely insane. Maybe you're joking with us and this was just a test to see how honest strangers from across the internet would be with you?? Can you still go to Maui? If not, can I go in your place?

Mark said...

Maui is the correct answer!! Life is too short and ya gotta live a little.

enjoy the trip :-)

Anonymous said...