Thursday, March 8

CBC Radio

The idea of having to do a medium-long run after a day of work had been playing on my mind; I was going to need more then my empty shell of a body could provide to get through this one. Thankfully, yesterday afternoon Carter swung by & dragged me out for an enjoyable, pedestrian paced jaunt; it was all about TOF, “time on feet” as Bruce calls it. The route traced our version of the NYC marathon, Five Boroughs run: Fernwood, Gordon Head, Estevan Village, Oak Bay and Fairfield.

For all but the first few minutes, I was shattered, completely done in. Running as much as I have recently, I was confident my legs would see me through, but the rest of my body was spent. How is it possible that my forearms & elbows were tired, you’d think I’d been running on all fours?

Once home, we had only minutes to clean up. As Carter posted last week, “we’d received some very cool news (at least for a treble of boys raised on a regular diet of Canadian public radio):
The Three Roads to London lads were being interviewed this evening by CBC Radio, the first of two meetings before we go to air. The best part, this first interview was taking place where it all started - The Snug at the Irish Times Pub”.


Having never been interviewed before, I didn’t know what to expect. Fortunately, our host, CBC Radio’s Kirstie Hudson (a retired 1500m varsity runner) was extremely professional and her style and questions were comforting. It was that, coupled with my delayed recovery from the run… patiently waiting for food and nursing my hunger with Guinness. The kicker for me was Jim’s face, when Kirstie mentioned that not only would the story be airing locally, but she’d also pitched the tale nationally, and it looks like a longer version be will heard countrywide on
The Inside Track… I’m already regretting most of what I can remember saying.

Training: a leisurely 1:43:16, AHR 128, MAX 146, pace: unhurried