Thursday, March 22

Pepto-Bismol, where are you?

I met the boys for a rare luncheon at what used to be a favourite restaurant of mine, and whether it was due to my thin-skinned stomach or something I ate but, wow… the first 10’ of this evenings run was disastrous.

After warming up (and my stomach settling down), I was supposed to ease into a steady run. Unfortunately, I didn’t give much thought to it until out the door, when I suddenly realized I didn’t know what steady was.

stead·y, pronunciation [sted-ee]

(1) even or regular in movement;
(2) free from excitement or agitation; or even
(3) a person of the opposite sex whom one dates exclusively; sweetheart.

I have all sorts of “steadies”, there is the 5:45 a.m. steady shuffle (not so much fun), the enjoyable babbling steady ramble that Rumon & I get into, and I even do this little steady shoulder shrug that I try to pass off as dancing. In the end I dialed up the pace to what felt comfortably fast (with minimal effort). My legs have been recovering well since the race. That said, I’ve been having pains/tightness in my heals during the first 10’ of my runs but then it dissipates. Tomorrow will be the test though; I’ve got 65’ at MP which will be interesting… comfortably fast (but with additional effort).

A.M. easy 45:12
P.M. steady 55:29, AHR 140, MAX 147, 6:17-6:20 mi/pace


Mark said...

To crack 2:40 is what many marathoners get hung up on, so if it's 2:36 or 2:38 you may still end up talking about being a sub-2:40 marathoner-good luck

Your 13.1M recovery seems to be coming nicely. Is this a 65min at MP a continuous run? Interesting, other than races, my program has the longest continuous MP at 40 minutes, the other MP runs are broken up with rest periods.

Michael said...

Nope, it's all continuous (5:55 to 5:57 mi/pace), the key will be not to go harder then those paces as it won't serve any purpose.

rumon said...

This one had me chuckling over my morning tea, brah - thanks. Good luck this aft.

Chris said...


You ARE going to rock!

Everything seems to mesh into place.

That half marathon should be a great indicator and I hope it is, because it appears you will run a 2:36 to 2:38....EPIC!!!!

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Anonymous said...

eh.. cognitively style!

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