Monday, March 12

Flora London Marathon Week #6 (42 days and counting)

Well, as far as the last six weeks go this one was good (A-). My body seems to be adapting to the training load and my legs are coming around. Not only that, but my shoes and kit adidas have come in (very excited). A fortnight ago I was truly dreading heading into the heavy two week build as the prior week left be feeling tired and desperate. However, with focusing on the smaller battles, and supported with some great friends I’ve surprised myself. I remember talking with my coach after Sacramento and telling him that I thought I would benefit mentally & physically from some longer interval workouts; he agreed and seems to have listened. I was apprehensive about Wednesday’s w/o, but came away feeling pleased and thanks again goes to Carter for keeping me company.

On a sad note, I think I’m going to have to cut myself off from the Times, at least until after London; I was fortunate this week that the many pints and later nights didn’t interrupt the training. Bets on how long I last? Total time on the feet was 9h50’, approx. 141km (89 miles).

Monday: day off
Tuesday: A.M. easy 41’, 6:58 mi/pace, P.M. 59’, 6:54 mi/pace
Wednesday: A.M. smooth 41’, 6:46 mi/pace, P.M. 1h32 w/ 4x 2-miles
Thursday: pedestrian 1h43, I think we averaged closer to 7:25 mi/pace
Friday: A.M. 48’, 6:26mi/pace, P.M. easy 28’
Saturday: 2h14, with 3x 8’ at MP
Sunday: 44’, 6:26 mi/pace

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[ah, one other thing/assurance comes to mind: ALL the money we raise is going to Shoes for Youth - NONE of it is going to the three runners who are each individually funding their trip]