Monday, March 26

Flora London Marathon Week #8 (28 days and counting)

Even though I was recovering from the Comox Half-marathon, this last week was one chock-a-block with volume. It was while I was out with Rumon yesterday, trying to validate my heavy legs that I started the math; total time on the feet was 10h00’, approx. 143km (90 miles). The only week with more miles (94), this build was at the beginning of March. I haven’t received this week’s schedule yet, but I imagine the volume will decrease from here on in (along with a slight increase in quality). I like this part of the training, you’re fit, the goal is in sight, but not so near that it has your stomach doing back flips.

Monday: day off
Tuesday: easy 1:02:33
Wednesday: A.M. easy 41:43, P.M. easy/steady 1:20:52, with 6x strides
Thursday: A.M. easy 45:12, P.M. steady 55:29
Friday: 1:29:23, with 62’ at MP

Saturday: steady 1:16:29
Sunday: 2:28:03

Twelve weeks into the New Year (& eight weeks into a marathon build), it’s amazing how much ground you can travel. It’s been five weeks since I’ve updated my Across Canada travel log, but in that time I’ve treked and additional 634km for a total of 1399km! Last time my journey ended just north of Ripple Mountain (not too far out of Creston) and since then have traveled through Cranbrook, up and over the Crowsnest Pass and into Alberta, through Lethbridge and Medicine Hat stopping just outside of Irvine and only a stones throw away from the Saskatchewan boarder!

When he decides to update his bloody blog, check out
Brad’s recent race report. Yesterday he completed the Around the Bay 30k, the oldest road race in North America, in 1:49:05 (I believe 14th overall), well done Brad!