Friday, March 23

Procrastination gets you no where

Ally: You’re procrastinating
Me: I know… but it’s cold out, and raining
How long do you have to run?
Only an 1h30 but it’s not going to be easy
Ally: Well just go because you’re cutting into my cooking time
Your what?
The longer you take, the more likely your dinner will be cold
Me: urgh

The first 20’ minutes (the warm-up) felt pretty good, the rain had turned to a steady drizzle and my achilles wasn’t acting up. That, and after yesterday’s fiasco, my stomach was behaving itself (I’ve come to the conclusion that I run better on a moderately full stomach, who would’ve thought). After tracing the coastline along the grass, I couldn’t delay any longer and after passing the crosswalk, I hit start looping through BHP. The initial effort seemed reasonable and after reading
Eric’s account of his workout earlier in the week I was determined not to go out too hard… I failed. I was supposed to run 65’ at MP, aiming to hit 5:55 - 5:57 but my fleet footed tendencies didn’t let me down on the first mile.

Although the splits are decent, they don’t reflect the battle that raged in my heart, lungs and mind (my chest felt constricted in the latter portion). It was a struggle out there and I found it difficult to relax, my effort level was much higher then I would’ve liked. If this had been race day it would’ve been U-g-l-y! The last few minutes I fixated on a street corner, deciding that I was stopping there regardless of time. The rain stopped when I did. The miles splits (AHR, MAX) are as follows:

1 - 5:41 (155, 160)
2 - 5:55 (157, 161)
3 - 5:51 (156, 159)
4 through 7 - 23:56 avg. 5:59 (154, 158)
8 - 5:54 (154, 160)
9 & 10+ - 14:30 at 5:58, 5:57, 2:35 (156, 157)

Training: 1:29:23, AHR 142, MAX 163 with 62’ at MP


Thomas said...

You can't say you weren't warned, after reading about Eric doing the same.

Just don't do it in London, but you know that yourself.

Michael said...

Thanks! Yeah, 15"/mile too fast like that in London could spell disaster. A friend told me that for every 1" you are fast at the start of your race, will cost you 2" at the finish:(

Love2Run said...

Man! This going out too fast and paying for it on training runs must be catching. Did the very same myself and felt the burn for most of the run (will post later). It seems very hard to nail down that marathon pace late in the training cycle. Was your dinner cold? (that was cute)

The 101 of this site said...

Wow! I hope you'd do your best for the London Marathon. Hope you are training well for the event. If you need to buy a pair of running shoes, I have some brand new Saucony which are good for the race, selling below retail price.

Marc said...

Cold or not, I am sure dinner was very good after this workout.

It is amazing the havoc that 15" can wreak.

Michael said...

The dinner was fantastic (as always). As for the 15", I can't blame them on me feeling rough for the entire run... it was just one of those days, that, and I think/know I still have last week's half-marathon in my legs.

Anonymous said...