Friday, January 26

Asics 2120, They Feel… Different

The title of this entry could easily have been “misperception”, everything was off this evening. My run felt great, almost too good, I traced part of the old 1994 Commonwealth Games route imagining I was in the lead. I felt like I was flying, my shoulders relaxed, feet easily turning over and a crisp cool breeze in my face. It was a gorgeous evening, the moon bright in a cloudless sky, the temperature cool enough to prevent you from overheating and warm enough so that… so that you don’t need a face mask (poor bugger), perhaps an enjoyable 0C? I occasionally had to check myself, easing back so that I had something left for the race on Sunday.

Once home I loaded up my Streets & Trips, curious to see how far I’d gone, I felt like I was clicking over effortlessly at 6:20 mi/pace. This is where I catch up to you; needless to say, I was surprised to map out an 11.1 km route (7:01 mi/pace), not only that the website indicated it was 6C out… go figure?

So. I was mistaken a few days back when I indicated that I’d bought new Asics 2110. Mistaken as I had assumed the company had repackaged the old with a slight variation in colour, who knew? Unbeknownst to me I had bought the new 2120s. What led me to check was that my feet seemed, undersized; they clunked around in oversized shoes. I’ve been a size 10 for years, but these shoes feel different. My right achilles (the good one) has been rubbing on the heel cup and there is a pressure point on the outside of the same foot, down near the 3rd eyelet.

Has anyone else noticed anything?

Training: a comfortable 48:23, AHR 140, MAX 153, 7:01 mi/pace. My achilles didn’t hurt but it was noticeable throughout ½ the run, not painful, just there.


Mike said...

I guess it's the time of the year to get used to new models. I'm having my own growing pains going from the Brooks Adrenaline 6 to the 7, which seems to have a wider forefoot and a bit more volume. It's also a good alternative to the 2120 if it just doesn't work for you. Good luck this weekend, and thanks for your thoughtful comments. Just put some "Yes" on iPod and you'll go fast.

Anonymous said...