Thursday, January 25

Three Roads to London

The original plan for this evening was 6x (100 uphill fast, 100 float down, 100 bounding, 100 float down) with 1’ easy recovery. Unfortunately, as my achilles has been less then stellar I opted to leave the hills alone. Rather, I decided to head to the track, run the straights, and float the curves (not entirely that much more brilliant, I know).

Jim agreed to join me after work, and we jogged down to Oak Bay together (I have to say he’s looking good). As he’d already run today, he got chatting with a few old friends while I went to work. I kept things under control but thoroughly enjoyed listening to the “t-tack, t-tack” my shoes made cruising down the back straight. Unfortunately, the home stretch posed a problem. I sprinted (almost blindly) into the blackness only to come face-to-face with a young track team doing cross-overs with arms outstretched on lanes 1 through 7 (they kindly gave me room on my last 100).

If you haven’t already noticed, I’ve posed a link to our “Three Roads to London” site over there (->). It’s a work in progress so bear with us, i.e., once you’ve had a gawk, I’d give us another week before checking back.

Training: 42:53, with 8x(100 fast, 100 easy), AHR 134, MAX 167 and the legs feeling fresh and snappy. The achilles was alright this evening, and with two easy days on the cards I’m hoping for the best.