Saturday, January 27

(It's) Warming Up

Jim and Todd swung by shortly after noon and we headed out for a light jog in preparation for tomorrows Mill Bay 10-k. A large high has established itself over the south coast and without a cloud in the sky, and the warmth (8C) of the sun on our faces we trotted around Beacon Hill Park discussing race tactics.

I’m eagerly looking forward to receiving an assessment of my fitness, using that information over the next 12 weeks… but I can’t tell you how much I’d appreciate just a few weeks of speed work in the legs.

I’m trying to think of some realistic pre-race goals. With a PB of 34:18 set in 1997, and having run 34:36 a few weeks before Ottawa last year I think my A goal should be 34:50 – 34:59, B 35:00 – 35:30, and C beating last years time of 36:08.

Training: a comfortable 30:56, AHR 135, MAX 160, 500m at race effort (1:34.7, too fast), 6x 50m strides. My achilles felt good this morning, “almost” unnoticeable.